Thursday, May 02, 2013

Life & Love

The last month has been especially hard - filled with physical and emotional uncertainty.  The physical uncertainty is will we be moving? (signs point to yes) But we are in a tight spot having to commit to schools in both locations and working out general rental issues (do we renew our lease?).  The good news is, we should get some closure on the move in the next month (fingers crossed) and we are both very clear in our love and commitment to each other.  If anything, I think we are closer now then we have been since we moved here.

The second is emotional ... after 14 years, Hubs and I have really had to take a close look at our relationship and decide what we want, as it significantly changes your relationship when you live abroad, have two children and your spouse travels every week.  

I mostly wanted to make a note of this time for my girls, because I think Chase will always remember when Mommy and Daddy were having a hard time.  But I also wanted her to know that if you keep a clear head, and open your heart, that love is an amazing, powerful, healing thing.  Love isn't a prince and princess riding off into a sunset, but that love can make "happily ever after" a possibility.  I believe this with all my heart, and I hope that my girls will open their hearts to others without fear, for this brings grace, mercy, forgiveness and understanding - but most of all, even more love.

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