Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Art: Egyptian

So I passed quickly over the Mesopotamian (3500 b.c.–539 b.c.) period, mostly because I was feeling uninspired - and moved on to the Egyptian period (3100 b.c.–30 b.c.). And then I got stuck, because I really wanted to build a giant pyramid for the girls to climb around inside, but I just didn't want to deal with particle board. So thanks to a suggestion from my dad, I decided to take a step back and work on all the little parts, rather than focus on the one big part.

And so we built a small pyramid, and put a tiny sarcophagus inside, along with some jewels and a cat to protect the Pharaoh.

We then talked about hieroglyphics, and I showed the girls the Rosetta Stone. We talked about how important it was because it helped historians actually decode hieroglyphics. I showed Chase the hieroglyphic alphabet ( and she took a shot at writing her name. Then she wrote Madoc's. She didn't want to stop.

And then I threw caution to the wind and started talking to her about how the sides of the pyramids were triangles, and how there were different kinds of triangles. I found this web site that actually allows the child to drag the corners of the triangle around ....

So we talked about the perimeter, how many steps it would take to walk around the outside of the Pyramid - if each side was 5 steps (Chase said, "20!").

And then we talked about how inside each triangle the angles must add up to 180 degrees (it's the Triangle house rule). And then I wrote out an equation for her, 60 + 60 + X = 180 ... which she solved quickly (I'm thinking she guessed and got it right). Then we did two more and at that point I could see she was fading fast, so we quickly changed gears.

And then I let them listen to "Walk like an Egyptian" by the Bangles and dressed them up like Cleopatra ... too much fun. Gorgeous girls!

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