Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chinese New Year Notes

So I did my best not to plan a thing for us to do during Chinese New Year, and while it was tiresome (all the cooking, baking, cleaning - no Jojo!), Hubs and I managed to trade off sleeping-in days so that we could sleep into 10 am! And it felt so goooooood.

In other news, we are still awaiting word on Grand Daddy Claude. Mads' breathing is okay, but I'm afraid we're slipping back again. I talked to the doctor and he said it is because it is sooo cold here right now (7 degrees!) - and it is freezing in our house.

I have two heaters running on high in their room and it is barely taking the chill out of the air. I feel like I am living in Alaska. But how can this be? There are palm trees here. Swimming pools that are not frozen over. But somehow I have never, ever been this cold.

They say it's because your blood thins in tropical climates. I used to laugh at people who wore body-length down coats (ha! how funny they look! it never gets cold enough to....), now I wish I could find FOUR - one for each member of our family. Oh, and one for our kitty, who would sit on the heating unit if she wasn't worried it would burn her tail off.

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