Friday, January 21, 2011

Don't Fall In...

I have been working really hard with Chase to *actually* communicate with Madoc. Like ask her for things, instead of just taking them. And so I am always pleased when she uses her "big girl words" to get her point across. I totally blame our dog (sorry Hubs) for teaching Chase non-verbal, head butting as a means of communication, simply because I don't know where else she could have got it from - and she spent so much time pushing Tag out of her way with her head that it just became second nature.

So I must applaud the fact she used her words last night; I heard her little voice coming from the bathroom. She was telling Mads, "Don't push me while I'm on the potty or I might fall in, and then you'll never see me again."

I think Mads wanted to see if her sister was speaking the truth, because I had to go in and pull Mads off her.

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