Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I love age 2!

Madoc is doing the sweetest thing at the moment. She will say "sorry, Mama" or "excuse me, Mama," when she wants to talk. She will actually wait if I need her to wait. If I say "Madoc, eat your vegetables," she says, "okay Mama," and she does it. So it all sounds like peaches and roses, but she also has her moments.

Today she was climbing on our chair, which she is "sort of" allowed to do. If she does it a certain way. She isn't allowed to stand on the arm of the chair (for obvious reasons), but she is allowed to jump from the seat to the ground. Because she likes to jump. And because we don't have a trampoline.

So I told her "no, baby danger." As she stepped onto the arm of the chair with both feet, arms spread wide for balance. And she said "watch Mama." And did it again with a big smile. Both times with me saying no, and then I had to go over and show her how to do it properly. And then she did it the wrong way again and said, "see Mama, I told you so."


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