Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

So I'm pretty sure I just had the best birthday ever - except of course, those many surprise parties my dad worked so hard to coordinate when I was young. Roses, dark (90%) and the most gorgeous silver bracelet from my dearest hubby. Jojo made me a gorgeous sticky rice cake (which the girls decorated with red and green sprinkles). A dear friend dropped over the most incredible cupcakes and a gorgeous orchid.

And I took the girls to the bookstore and told them to pick out a book for me. Chase picked out a cupcake book, which she read for the rest of the day - soaking in each and every design one can do with a cupcake. Mads picked out a Charlie & Lola 5 -story-collection. And she looked through it and I read it to her several times for the rest of the afternoon. Really lovely!

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