Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So Chase has been, well, UBER dramatic about, well, EVERYTHING lately. I thought it might have just been the whole "turning 5 thing," but no, it seems to be a lingering affliction.

Possibly the most trying times are in the morning, when I ask (okay, beg!) her put her clothes on (all by herself). And while her 2-year-old sister dresses herself, my gorgeous, smart, talented 5-year-old, rolls around on the floor, having forgotten how to, well, do anything except roll around on the floor.

So a couple mornings ago, I threw in the towel (after 45 mins of asking her to please please get dressed - oh, what do you mean nothing is 'fancy' enough?"). Mads and I had been dressed and ready to go for 30 minutes and I told Chase "come downstairs when you are ready to go." And then she screamed. And screamed some more. And I made breakfast.

Twenty minutes later, Chase appeared in the kitchen "nak-ey." And rather then make a big deal about the fact she still didn't have any clothes on (now almost an hour and half since I asked her the first time), I asked her if she wanted any maple syrup with her pancakes.

It must have been the fact I didn't say anything about her "clothing selection" but she hushed right up and ate her pancakes. After breakfast, she complained she was cold, so I said, "go put on a jacket. I am not surprised because you didn't pick very warm clothes to wear," and that set her off again.

But I have to say, it was totally worth it to pretend like there was absolutely nothing wrong with the fact she chose to wear nothing.

Chase, I love you so much, but all this drama is starting to hurt my head!

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