Saturday, February 05, 2011


- After one piano lesson with her new teacher, she can now write (not play) the music for any song she can sing. Okay, she doesn't actually score (it that right?) the notes, but she can tell what kind of notes are used to achieve the rhythm/pattern within the song.
- I have decided to start her in a new ballet class. The one we've been attending has been lovely, but I want to give another teacher a try.
- Mandarin is going really well. Her language is improving to the point where she is correcting me on pronunciation.
- Spelling and reading are going REALLY well. She is doing both. She can read anything she doesn't get too upset trying to figure out. She is always writing something. Some kind of book about something. She mad a chart the other day about Madoc. When was Madoc nice? When was she naughty? Chase made sure to make notes throughout the day.
- Tennis lessons are now her favorite. Absolute favorite. Maybe it's because the tennis coach has a son named Will, who is super cute, and age 8. (WHOA!)
- Swim lessons are on hold until it warms up a little.
- We hear about schools THIS WEEK. Fingers crossed we get into ONE.
- Oh and Chase saw a friend being naughty and decided to try it - after 45 minutes of screaming (her) there were loads of tears (Chase, Mads and Me), and finally it ended.
- LOVES her dolly Mezzabelle, she takes her EVERYWHERE.

- WOW. Really coming into her own.
- Has started counting.
- Puts three words together. Says things now that she has come up with on her own ... for example, we entered the house and she said, "shoes off."
- Very much her own person. Knows what she wants, when she wants it.
- Started Mandarin lessons.
- She is IN our first choice school for next year, thank goodness!
- Can draw a face with eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hair.
- Loves puzzles and is pretty good at 9-piece puzzles.
- Loves, Loves, Loves her BABA JOJO (a doll my mom gave her who she has named after our helper)
- Still has problems falling to sleep (this started in October when we took her to the US), but I think she is very close to giving up naps, which will make sleep time much easier.

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