Monday, December 13, 2010

To My Ladies

My dearest little ladies,

I love you both so much. It's true when they say you can't possibly understand a parent's love until you have children of your own. I wish I could tell you. I love, love, love everything about you. I love your laughs, the sparkles in your eyes, your smiles and how you both find joy in so many little things in life (oh I hope you don't lose this as you get older).

Chase, you amaze and impress me every day. Now 4.5 years old, you are such a big girl. Your approach to learning and your open attitude will be sure to take you far. I wish I could challenge you more - I wish your teachers would challenge you more, too. You enjoy word games, puzzles, books, and workbooks for kids twice your age. You are a brilliant star, my dear.

Madoc, you also amaze and impress me every day, in your little two-year-old body. You are still so little, but getting older and smarter every day. Bigger, older, and more determined than ever. You are so beautiful, you know what you want and you go after it. I pity the person who gets between you and your dreams. You love baby dolls and toy cars and airplanes. You find so much happiness in our long walks outside. I am sooo looking forward to watching your personality evolve in the coming years.

My Christmas wish for my girls? That you are able to find joy, peace and happiness in each day of your life. That you make smart decisions, trust yourself and live your dreams. Your Daddy and I love you so much!

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