Saturday, October 16, 2010

US Trip: Maryland

And then we went to Maryland, to visit my Grandfather, uncles and aunts (loads of pictures below). While we were there, we also took a trip to the Maryland Zoo and a farm, that had loads of promise, but not much to see.

At the Maryland zoo...

And yes, there were more goats...

And a very big kitty...

Back at the house, we spent lots of time with Uncle Mike

And Grandpa!

We had a chance to play with Auntie Elizabeth

And spent more time with Uncle Mike and Aunt Janet

Gave Uncle Shawnee and Aunt Elizabeth lots of love

The next day, we went to a farm, that didn't have many animals, but it did have goats! Yes, more goats. We saw so many goats. But the farm didn't have much going on, so the girls played for a long time at a playground near the farm.

That night, Auntie Michelle came by for dinner

And then we said our good-byes ...

We love you guys!

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