Monday, April 19, 2010


Today we went to look at local preschools.
And yes, the MTR is very clean (you are not allowed to eat or drink in paid areas).
Chase has memorized this message and repeats it at every opportunity.
She is probably rather fixated on a place where they prohibit snacks.

We then caught a mini bus, which is like a shared taxi. Less expensive, but just as crazy. The driver has to show you the speed at which he travels (upper left corner).

Here is Chase, taking it all in...

When we arrived, we decided to walk along the waterfront. There are several boats you can pay to take out. Chase was very interested in the "show" advertised below.

Lots of cute little restaurants...

And we took a look at what the local restaurants had on offer...

These fish gave the girls some strange looks...

This was where one school was located. High up and a bit of a walk through the jungle. Quite cool, except there were SO MANY mosquitoes.

And here is Chase, waiting for the mini bus - we were in the middle of nowhere. She refused to use the bathroom at Leapfrog (she really didn't like the school).

And then it was off to a play date - needless to say, by the end of the day, both girls could hardly keep their eyes open. To that end, Chase has really impressed me by her ability to go, and go, and go. And she's not in a car. She's walking. Almost the entire day. It's amazing.

Met some ladies who live in our new town. They seem pretty cool.

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