Saturday, October 24, 2009

Madoc At 10 Months

Wow. I seriously can't believe Mads is 10 months. Things are getting easier, and harder. Still battling various things that cause sleep deprivation - she's had a cough for the past two weeks - this following the appearance of her four top teeth. But even though night is rough, she is such a little angel, and such a pleasure to be around. She gives me strength when Chase is having a tantrum, just as Chase gives me strength when Mads starts shrieking.

Mads and Chase are really enjoying their time together now. Just this week, they took a bath together for the first time and both LOVED it. Lots of happy shrieking, smiles, splashes. And Mads already has a voice - she really lets you know if she wants something, or is unhappy about something. For example, this morning I was taking a shower and she started crying and didn't stop until I made a bath and put her in. She has also taken to eating at the same table as Chase. She stands right next to her and I put a plate down that has what Chase has and they happily nibble together. Tonight, they raced each other up the stairs. Madoc laughed the entire time. And then cried when she got to the top because the fun was over. It's brilliant. So beautiful.

And I love how cuddly Mads has become. She just curls right up and puts her head on my chest, or in my arms. Speaking of which, I've started telling Chase the Cuddle Chronicles, which I should turn into a book someday - each night I tell her a short story about when we used to snuggle together, and I tell her a story about the country we were in at the time, and what we used to do, and always end with her cuddling right next to us. I think she understands why we need to cuddle Madoc so much but it doesn't make it any easier.

The girls are my life. I spend every waking moment with them. Terrified I will miss something and that I will never be able to get this time back. But I'm realizing more and more that I need time for me. Time to regenerate; I'm pretty warn out. When Mads finally starts sleeping through the night (oh please, oh please let it be soon), I will make a point of getting a little time to myself every day, even if I have to wake up before the girls do (so as not to miss anything). I need it to be a better mom and a better wife.

And to my dear husband who has been so supportive throughout - thank you, thank you, thank you.

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