Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Grand Lake, CO

Just returned from a trip to Grand Lake, CO. We went up with Hubs, to spend 4 nights with friends at a cabin. Hubs had to leave after the first night, to go to NJ for work. So I had to take care of both kiddos, which proved to be my greatest challenge thus far. The first night after Hubs left, Chase had a major nose bleed and Mads didn't sleep. The second night, Chase had an "accident" .(she has never, ever, wet the bed. not even when she was a baby) and Mads woke up way too many times. The third night, I finally pulled Mads into bed with us and we managed to only get up three times (only to find out a bear had been right outside our window both times). Below are photos from the first day. I couldn't carry Mads and run after Chase and take pictures.

And, for whatever reason (maybe just to add a little extra challenge), Chase became completely unmanageable by day 3. Didn't listen. Pushed every button (about 75 times). It was like wires crossed in her brain and no matter what, I just couldn't untangle them. I probably should have packed her up and came home the morning of day 3. Plus she started to get sick (one of her friends was sick when we arrived, so all of the craziness could just be Chase getting sick).

I am hoping that a nice, mellow evening will get her back on track.

Snapped these from the car - beautiful country - notice there are no guard rails...

I took these pictures of the dead trees.
Thousands and thousands of them.
The pine beetle has really devastated the forest.
I have to say it made me REALLY uncomfortable being in the middle of so many dead trees.

The green trees are alive. The brown/gray trees are not.

We stayed in a house on a smaller lake (near Grand Lake).
The house had a little beach, boats and a fire pit.
It was a great location for kids.

Chase loved the lake. Too bad there were leeches.

And let's not forget about Mads.
She just turned 8 months.
Beautiful girl. All smiles. All the time.

I had to keep both girls smothered in sunscreen.

And here is the inside of the cabin.
Joy, Chris, Summer and Gigi were our hosts.
So fabulous - but next time Hubs better be there the whole time.

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