Sunday, August 16, 2009


I have to admit that for the past six months, I have been just trying to get through each day - just trying to keep Chase from smothering Madoc with her love. Trying to spend equal amounts of time with both. Trying to show Chase my love for her has only grown stronger, not diminished, since Madoc was born.

I used to do a lot of projects with Chase, but over the past six months, I must admit there have been a distinct lack of projects. As Madoc is now capable of being on her own (but watched like a hawk), I decided it was high time to up my game on the project/arts/crafts front.

So Chase and I studied bugs yesterday.
We made bugs from all sorts of things - paper, clay, puff balls.
We talked about bugs that live in trees, bugs that live on rocks, bugs that live in the water.
These are clay bugs, which we named and made stories about.
She came up with "reader bugs," who read books at the reader bug library.

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