Monday, March 09, 2009

Grandpa Mark & Fern Visit

Thanks for coming!

So now I have just a little more time - it was so great to have Grandpa Mark and Fern out to Denver. I can't believe it had been a year since I last saw my father. Time flies.

Chase attached herself to my father for the duration of his visit. Madoc enjoyed spending time with Fern. She was quite happy and content - until a dirty diaper struck or she decided she was hungry or sleepy.

The blocks that Chase plays with were mine, when I was a child. He made them for me. So it's super sweet to see Chase play with them, too. And so when he arrived with roofing and gate blocks, you can only imagine how happy she was. Below (bottom right) is a picture of a cafe she built with Fern.

Chase also enjoys lining up her animals and toys. I have thought about spending a week recording all the positions her animals go in - but then something comes up and I forget.

And of course a trip to Denver isn't complete without time at the zoo. Here's Chase on the carousel with Grandpa Mark.

And a ride on the train with Fern.

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