Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Turning Point?

I hesitate to even write this; I'm a little afraid that I'll jinx it.

But last night Madoc slept in her little co-sleeper next to our bed, instead of in our bed. I still woke up 4 times to change/feed her. Chase still arrived ready for a snuggle around 2 a.m., but Madoc slept. There was no party at 2 p.m. as usual (thank goodness). Hubs and I even had a quick cuddle (after nearly 3 weeks!) because Madoc was asleep and Chase was busy playing Leapster in her room at 6 a.m. (Thank you Jeff & Vickie!)

And this morning I was able to leave the house, on my own, and head to the coffee shop, without Madoc screaming. She slept all_the_way through coffee...and I arrived home just as she was waking. It was amazing.

Sleep, a cuddle and fresh air? What more could a gal want in life?

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