Sunday, September 21, 2008


So we've hosted people over here three nights in a row, and I have to say, it could be the secret to keeping a clean house! It's exhausting, but it's been really fun showing friends our new kitchen.

Hubs did the backsplash this weekend and it looks terrific. It's SOOO close to done.

The one strange thing that has happened, is that ever since we added a disposal, it's like it tipped the delicate balance in the house. Next thing you know, the wallpaper the last people painted over is going to start falling off (oh let's hope not). Anyway, we've got "burping" happening in the second sink (the one without the dishwasher), and last night we experienced some DISGUSTING burping downstairs, caused somehow by water coming up (with veggie bits) in the sink next to the washing machine (strange but true) and then today, there was water coming back up from our the spot where the soapy water is supposed to go. And then there was the standing water in the bathroom next door to the washing machine (really weird).

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