Monday, September 08, 2008

Blogger's Choice Awards

Got this in my email from blogger, wanted to pass it along in case any of you blog readers has a little extra time...

Time is running out!
Blogger's Choice Awards voting will end soon.

3...2...1...the countdown has begun! Well, sort of. October 1st kicks-off the two-week countdown 'til voting closes at the Internet's coolest blog voting site,

Know of a hot mommy blogger? Have a favorite Celebrity blogger? Is there a blogger that annoys the heck out of you? Have you discovered the "best blog of all time"? Why not nominate them for a Blogger's Choice Award, and give them a shot at the ultimate in blog bragging rights. Nominate and vote now or they could miss out.

And if your blog has been nominated in any of the 36 categories (or multiple categories) don't forget to have your badge(s) posted so your readers can vote for you. A "reminder" post on your blog might not be a bad idea either. Be loud, be proud...after all, whoever nominated you thinks you're worth it.

New nominations and voting will resume on January 7, 2008. Fresh year...fresh start!

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