Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kitchen Remodel: Day 4

Has it really been four days already?

Besides the dog running through the floor leveler yesterday (while it was setting), and my father-in-law burning his forearm, the kitchen remodel seems to be running (knock wood) on time. Hubs goes back to work tomorrow, so it's really important the ceiling gets put up tonight (it will cover a "charming" sky-blue, plaster mess).

We're all tired. Long days with no rest. But it is saving us about 10-15K, so in the end it's worth it.

Chase, who hasn't napped since Nee Nee and Yei Yei arrived, crashed at 7:30 tonight, unable to keep her eyes open, despite the insane noise of an air compressor, staple gun and circular saw humming away in the background.

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