Sunday, August 03, 2008

Is It Hot In Here?

We have just survived Denver's 21st consecutive day of record-breaking heat - every day has been above 90 degrees. Seriously. And we have no AC. We do, however, now own more fans than I have ever owned in my whole life.

We leave the house first thing and by 10:30 a.m., it's too hot to be outside. The weather guy seems to think it will break this week. Fingers crossed. I would be happy with anything in the 80s at this point. I would be VERY happy if it rained. And I would be elated if we could have a couple days in the 70s - although I think we'd have to pull out our winter jackets and boots because we've become so accustomed to this heat.

And let me say that being pregnant when it's hot is SO UNFUN.

Anyway - on to Chase. Hubs and I marvel at her growth - mental, physical, emotional. At 2-years, 4 months, she is capable of completing a 24-piece puzzle with very little help. She has the concentration to complete 5 puzzles in a row, which seems to prove she has a powerful ability to focus for her age. She has started loving the game of memory (we have a Pooh set). I'm starting her on Dominoes this week and may even buy the game COOTIE for her some day in the near future. Her ability to self- entertain is growing -- she can play for about a half hour at a time before she needs attention. She loves her friends and talks about them constantly.

And her Chinese is coming along beautifully. She can sing songs and repeat Chinese words with ease. And yes, she even plays with her dolls in Chinese. Speaking of which, we have decided to have Chase's latest tutor give us 6 hours a week once baby #2 comes along and we have also decided to apply for DIS's Fall 2009 class NOW - they just merged with another private school so it looks like it's the best we could hope for! - Now she just needs to get in...

On another note, we took her to the pool and used a swimming aid (not wings, it's this yellow pad that straps to her back. The child really has to work to stay afloat.) and she was swimming short distances, un-aided, by us on the third day.

And she continues to grow. After she gains another 2 lbs she can ride on the volvo booster seats - goodbye car seat! She will be in to 5T clothes (does T go that high?) this fall - and wearing size 8.5 shoes.

She still loves the Einsteins, Clifford, Elmo and Thomas the Train. She enjoys books and being read to immensely. We start a dance class in September.

It will sure be interesting to see what number 2 is like...s/he is already kicking and moving about like mad - much more than Chase. Both Hubs and I have had dreams that s/he is a boy. Hmmm. We'll know in a couple weeks.

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