Friday, August 08, 2008

Crazy Week

So this crazy guy almost punched me in the face (I'm not kidding) - I was crossing the street and he was coming from the other direction. I could tell he wasn't "all there," so I put as much distance as I could and stepped away from him just as I passed him, which turned out to be a good move, because he just missed me (I felt the wind).

We had our first Tornado experience - but the sirens sounded outside (pretty amazing warning system actually) and we headed for the basement - with Chase, the dog and the cat. We were down there for a half hour, checked the warning and unfortunately I misread the second warning and we stayed down there for another half hour (even though we didn't have to). Ah well, better safe than sorry, right? Good thing I had taken some of Chase's toys downstairs - she entertained us by whacking on her drum set and singing.

And Taggart (the most expensive dog in the world) visited the vet (yet again). He's had a rather large bump that won't go away over the top of his eye and there are three others that seem as though they are growing fast - turns out he has mites (yuck-o). So we just need to give him more meds.

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