Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Keeping Busy

Our new Mandarin tutor didn't show this morning.

The guys who are going to measure our kitchen for new cabinets will be here later this morning.

Oh, and I received word late last week that three people expecting to pass through Denver - Michele Ruby (a friend from my days working at Trillium in Portland, Oregon), Cathy Lockett (Brian's Aunt) and Whitney Carter (a friend from the 3rd grade). Michele arrived yesterday, as did Cathy - and Whitney arrives this weekend. And there is a chance an old friend from college may swing through in the next two weeks. (Denver is a popular place!) It is SO great to see everyone.

Summer, Chase's friend, celebrates her half birthday is on Sunday - as well as a concert in the Park. Mom arrives back from her road trip next week and stays with us for a couple more days.

And then there's the Fourth of July! And then the second round of swim lessons begin- which, by the way, are a half hour every day, for 4 days/week.

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