Friday, June 20, 2008

Doctor Appointment #2

This week we went meet my OBG (whoa, like I actually got to meet with a real, live, baby doctor. In London, you don't meet with an OBG unless something is really wrong. In fact, you can go through your entire pregnancy - and deliver ... like I did ... without meeting with an OBG a single time).

I also had another scan and blood-work done to determine the chances of having a downs baby. Won't know until the results come back, but given the fact the baby has a slightly upturned nose (mine!) we should be in pretty good shape - as downs babies usually have flat noses (knock wood).

Hmmmm, what else? Well, I gained 4 lbs in my first trimester. I have no idea how much I weigh (haven't since I was in college), but a number like 4 lbs, I can handle.

I also found out - get this - that you are encouraged to stay at least one overnight -- if not two. And your husband/daughter and baby can stay with you in the room (wow, sounds like a holiday!)

I am carrying some of the quirk from London with me into this pregnancy - I've elected to bypass the nursery (opting to have the baby with me at all times), and I've also opted out of having the baby bathed in the hospital (in London they advise you not to wash the baby for a week). Yuck, gross, I know you are thinking this, but little baby skin needs time to adjust to the outside air.

Other then that, the baby was measuring a full week ahead - because s/he is tall perhaps? But this means we should actually be expecting the arrival sometime between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

And yes, we will have to create a new blog... So much to do, so little time.

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