Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mandarin School

Today, I went to visit the school that provides 2.5 year-olds with a full Mandarin immersion class. I went in hoping for the best, but I have to say I found it all a little make-shift and a bit chaotic.

The school seemed a little less established than I had hoped it would be - and Chase would be the very youngest in the class - the oldest being about 5 years-old, which kind of concerns me, only because it seems that the older kids would probably be more verbal and proactive, and I'm afraid Chase might get lost in it all. But I could be wrong. There is always the chance that she could learn a lot from the older kids.

I had a good chat with the school admissions woman, who also doubles as the English teacher. She indicated that by 4th grade, children are proficient - they can write and speak Chinese with ease. At 4th grade level they also offer kids an opportunity to add a third language. SO COOL.

Jury is out. Not sure what the verdict will be.

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