Friday, January 11, 2008

Tree Drama

Okay, ready for this? So we had a landscaper out today, who informed me - GET THIS - that the Christmas tree I bought is NOT ZONED for Colorado. And that if I planted it outside, it would die.

So I went to Home Depot, the place where I bought this tree, and spoke to the customer service folks there. Here's how it went...

"I bought a live tree from you that is not zoned to be planted in Colorado." - me

"Did we have it inside the building or outside when you bought it?" - HD customer service

"Inside." - me

"Well that's because it's supposed to be an indoor plant." - HD

"I find that highly unlikely. It's supposed to grow to be 70 feet tall. You can't HONESTLY tell me that it is meant to be an indoor plant." - me

"Do you have your receipt?" - HD

"No. I thought I was going to plant it outside." - me

"You could always return it and then we will probably just throw it away." - HD

"Well that kind of goes against the whole concept of buying a tree so that I can plant it. I mean doesn't it seem a little strange that you would sell a live tree that can't be planted in this state?" - me

"I don't know what else to say, except you could return it to us." - HD

"Can't you send it to another Home Depot in another state where it could actually be planted?" - me

"No. We don't exchange live goods with other stores." - HD

"Well that's just great. Thanks so much." - me

"Have a good day." - HD

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