Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Doing The Right Thing

So I'm sure I've mentioned that we bought a LIVE tree for Christmas this year. The idea being that we would enjoy it, and then re-home it after the holidays. I guess it's worth mentioning that this tree is supposed to grow to 70 feet, so it's not like I can just plant it in the corner of the yard.

Well, the re-homing process has turned out to be quite difficult. I called the Denver tree planting group - they won't take it because it isn't one of the trees they are allowed to plant.

So I called the Denver Botanical Gardens. I have not heard back from them.

So then I did some research. Turns out the Mayor of Denver is looking to plant 1 million trees by 2009. Jackpot, right? Wrong. I haven't heard back from the Mayor's people about my offer to donate a tree to his cause. Hubs thinks they're busy out planting trees and haven't received my voice mail yet. Yah, whatever!

So I'm going to try the Denver Botanical Gardens again - and then the Mayor's office (again!) and if they don't call me back, I might try putting it on eBay.

Thing is, I've gotten a little attached to my tree, and I want Pinola to go to a good home.

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amwurst said...

If you don't find a home for it, we MAY be able to take it. Depends on how big around it gets. We have a half-acre backyard. Right now we are getting ready to plant new Aspens.

Yeah, Aspen trees, are everywhere in Denver because they grow fast, and thin so they go on fence lines easily. The only problem. Denver is actually a low altitude for them. So their lifespan is about 20 years. Our house is just over 20 years old, so our MANY Aspen trees are dying. BUMMER.