Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mee Mee

So I bought four little plastic pumpkins for Chase. I thought they'd be fun to put things in. What did she put in them? "Mee Mee" - her word for money.

Chase loves coins. Big coins, little coins. Coins from England, Switzerland, Thailand, China. She loves them all. I used to think it was funny that when we came back to the US (while we lived abroad), Chase would smell American bills. Now I think her love of money is a little more serious.

Hmmm... Maybe she'll be a banker. Or investor. Or maybe she'll find a way to spend other people's money.

At any rate, she loves counting money. Or at least transferring it from one pumpkin to another. I tried to put something else in her pumpkin and she screamed.

I'm thinking Halloween will be a real shocker. I can just imagine her surprise when people offer her candy instead of money.

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