Friday, November 02, 2007


I took Chase to the pediatrician yesterday. She came in at 60% for weight, 90% for height. Shocker. The pediatrician reported her development was very good.

His questions included: can she run? (Yes) How many words does she have? (About 60) Can she string two words together? (Yes) Can she stack 4 blocks? (She stacks 5) Can she show the doctor where the eyes, ears, nose and mouth are on his grubby teddy bear? (Yes) He was noticeably impressed that I already took her to see a dentist. (I got a big mommy gold star for this!)

I declined the flu shot. Controversial, I know. I just can't bring myself to inject Chase with more stuff. Plus I think the flue shot is bogus, anyway. The pediatrician said that since she wasn't in day care, he wasn't worried - plus she was probably exposed to "all kinds of good stuff" while she was in China (which is where the flu comes from he said - I don't buy it). He was impressed with how healthy she's been - as have I. Knock wood.

And, with the tetanus shot she rec'd today, she's up-t0-date, until age 2, when she will receive her second dose of Hep A. And then she's all good until age 6 (I think). Awesome. With all our travels I was really worried about ensuring her "jabs" were on track.

I asked him questions about her dry scalp (he suggested Selson blue, twice a week for a month), about her face - near her mouth (which has been covered with little red dots due to teething - he suggested a little cortisone cream).

In other news...

- The Greek yogurt was very good, but not very thick. I could drink it out of a straw. And it used whole milk and whole yogurt - so maybe I need a yogurt maker after all. Plus, it is appealing to think I could make six different flavors at one time. Oh the things that excite me these days.

- I popped into the Denver International School yesterday - and joined a tour. Chase had the chance to sit in on a Mandarin class for 5-year-olds. I was interested to learn that at age 3, 4 and 5, the kids are in full immersion programs - so there is no English in the classrooms. They were learning colors, animals, sizes, and fruits/vegetables - all of which Chase already knows - and while she can't really say all the words yet, she recognized what they were saying. Of course the bonus is they are being taught by a native speaker, whereas Chase has to suffer through my miserable pronunciation. So after much thought (and a discussion with Hubs) we decided to pour our money into private lessons/tutor/Mandarin play for Chase, rather than into a full-blown International school. We figure we'll do enough travel with her to supplement the "international" part of her education.

- Speaking of which, I met a lovely German woman in the park. She speaks only German to her little girl, who is Chase's age. So Chase will soon have a little German in her life again - only suiting. Perhaps she will learn some German, too!

- The Halloween decorations are down. And I'm pretty sure that Starbucks is serving my favorite coffee drink of all time - the Eggnog Latte - which is only complete with a slice of pumpkin loaf. I might just have to go check it out today. I'm thinking if Walmart moved its Christmas sale up a month, Starbucks must be keeping time.

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