Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Hols

So Hubs and I just returned from a trip "down South."

After a brief visit to Birmingham, AL (to see Hubs's parents), we jumped in the car and drove down to Mobile, Alabama (where we were married almost NINE years ago) - where we had Thanksgiving - and then drove on to Jackson, MS (to visit Hubs's grand dad on his father's side) - and then on to Smith Country for a family reunion (on my husband's side) and then on to a pig pull, in the backwoods of Mississippi. Lots of guns, pick-up trucks, great food (some crazy fabulous casseroles), and kids riding dirt bikes (the youngest was age 4 - he had training wheels on his dirt bike!).

And as I have been remiss at posting photos, the next couple posts will be VERY photo heavy and text light.

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