Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Keeping Busy

Many people wonder what stay-at-home moms "do" every day.

It sounds glamorous, I know.

I used to get offended - even angry - when people asked "do you work outside the home?" I wanted to say, "c'mon, we are not living in the '50s, I have a career." Now I don't even flinch when people ask. I do, however, constantly worry about my career, which was the very thing that defined me, until I had Chase. And now it's like I never even had a "real job."

It's interesting to ask "stay-at-home" moms about what they did before they had babies. Try it. A look comes into their eyes. And they talk about past accomplishments, like they are recounting stories from their great grandmother's time. A time long ago. The details are fuzzy. But they're sure it happened. At least they think it happened.

So what do I do all day? Well, I don't eat bon-bons. I spend almost every minute thinking about what I'm going to do in two minutes time to entertain and educate Chase. And then I think, should I be doing something different? Better? And then I think, if I don't get some adult stimulation, I think my brain will atrophy. It will ooze out of my ears. And for this reason, I often talk to the first adult I see after I leave the house - it's just so refreshing to talk to someone who talks back in complete sentences.

So what do I do all day? I divide it up. First there's breakfast, and a walk around the block with the dog. Chase doesn't care for the morning walks, so I usually have to carry her (now 25lbs), while the dog tugs at his leash. Then we put Tag in his puppy club house and head out - to the zoo, to the Museum of Nature & Science, to the park, to the playground. And then it's back to the house, to walk the dog and have lunch. Then it's nap time. Then Chase wakes up and I try to either get her outside again (after a snack) or do activities inside.

I have also found themes are extremely helpful, as they stimulate both of us. So much so that I've decided to study a new country every week. We take a listen to music from the country, eat foods from the country, learn about famous people from that country and do art projects relating to that country. Last week it was France (Chase loved pointillism, crepes and saying Bonjour.)

Funny story of the week - so we were at the zoo with my Dad. We went to the cafe and I told Chase to say "Merci" to the cashier. I explained to the cashier that it was French week. The cashier said, "Oh, that's great! Arriva-derchi!"

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