Friday, November 30, 2007

Good Grooming

Chase just isn't into any part of the grooming process. She hates brushing her teeth, won't stand for having her hair brushed, won't sit still long enough for me to clip her nails. Won't keep barrettes in her hair (to keep hair out of her eyes).

And as a result, she arrives at the park and ready for play dates with unkempt hair (that goes every which way), scraggly nails and bad breath. Pretty, oh so pretty.

Oh dear, I must figure out how to make it - *fun*

At this point I'd settled for tolerable.

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Tamar said...

My daughter Amelia is the same age as Chase and she's just as bad. We have to hold her down to brush her teeth and she won't let me do anything to her crazy, curly hair. Sigh.

Tamar Hare (Jenny Turner's friend)