Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Les Dents

"Start saving now for braces," the dentist told me.

Apparently, Chase doesn't have much space between her baby teeth, which means that when the big, adult teeth come in, there won't be enough room in her mouth.

The dentist also told me I should be brushing Chase's teeth, 2x per day - real brushing. And flossing her teeth. Are you kidding me? At present, she chews on her toothbrush, once per day.

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amwurst said...

I can sympathize. I recommend you try your best. Six months ago our dentist said our son (who is six) had the same issues and he was on the verge of a cavity. He said Max was brushing fine, but food was getting trapped between his teeth. We didn't start flossing then like he asked. The result- next week he has to get a filling in a baby tooth. Unfortunately its a molar that he won't lose for a few years. We also got the same spiel, braces are on the way and if we don't floss more cavities are coming for him.

We are flossing daily now. Besides its easier to teach them before they get big enough to really fight it.