Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Overheard At The Kiddie Park

"So I have to take care of Mona's twins and brand new puppy this weekend," one mom said to her group of mom friends.

"What? Mona has a new puppy? Is she insane?" One mom replied.

Meanwhile, I just agreed with Hubs last night that we would pick up Taggart this weekend.

Crazy is my apparently my middle name. Who else takes a small child to a remote city in China? A puppy just doesn't seem like such a big deal when one compares it to traveling to over 20 cities (ok, so I'm sure it's more than this, but I stopped counting after 20) in the first 18 months after having a baby.

But enough about me, I'm thinking that the crazy person in this scenario is the mom who agreed to watch the twins and the dogs in addition to her own child and dog.

Seriously. Pot calling the kettle black.

1 comment:

Baby Galvin said...

You are definitely a yummy mummy not afraid of anything! A puppy will be a walk in the park for ya:)