Saturday, August 11, 2007


So first, a huge apology to the friends I haven't called and to one of my favorite supervisors of all time, who was in town, but due to my schedule and family obligations I couldn't meet up with...

So what can I say about re-entry? Well, I realized I needed to stop myself from buying huge quantities of pharmaceuticals and various dried goods (like we've been doing every time we've been here for the past four years). Yes, that's right. I can buy them any day, any time! Same goes for Hostess fruit pies. How amazing and terribly convenient.

I've been revelling in the fact that I actually understand conversations happening around me - all the time. Although I must say that most of what I've been overhearing is completely inane. Discussions about the latest this and the latest that, and did you know Sue is sleeping with Richard and Richard doesn't like Sue, he likes Jenna, blah blah blah.

I've turned on the TV - and the news channels are flashing headlines on the latest disaster. And saying, "this just in, temperatures are higher than normal, could it be global warming?" To which I say, of course it's global warming you dumb %$#, and stop talking about it and start doing something about it. At least I can rest at night now, as Paris Hilton is apparently campaigning to save the world. Interesting how time in jail = uber environmentalist. If that's so, I can think of a few people who might benefit from time in the clink.

But on to brighter, all American things. I have started to fantasize ...about owning a home again. With our stuff in it. With things we haven't seen unpacked in five years. I wonder if we will still like our stuff or if we will end up giving it all to Good Will. And as luck has it, the mortgage market is down in the dumps at the moment - lucky for us, not so lucky for everyone who is currently trying to pay off mortgages they couldn't afford in the first place - meaning it is suddenly very much a buyer's market.

But before we can buy a home, Hubs just has to decide where in Denver he will be located (the company he works for has two offices there) - and decide on which job he will take (he has a couple great options), and then we should be all set.

Meanwhile, I have continued to look into schools - the process is long and I really need to actually visit the schools and talk to parents before I can decide anything. So I guess it is good news that there is such a long, formal application process to the schools I'm considering for Chase. But I must say, it is hard to know in October what my needs will be in March (aka morning program vs afternoon program vs full day).

Speaking of such things, I am finding the Mommy culture here to be a shocker. I went to the Zoo the other morning and there were moms and kids lined-up outside. All the moms were totally kitted out - the babies were all dressed perfectly, with animal hats and jackets. It kind of made me want to puke.

I looked at Chase, who smiled sweetly at me, blissfully unaware that she was not wearing the latest animal print dress and feather boa - next time, my dear. Good thing I had her little hat with bunny ears on it (good save, mom!). But what gets me about it is that being a mom in America feels like I'm going to my first day of high school - all over again. But this time it isn't just me, it's also Chase - and are we wearing the right things, do we look like we just rolled out of bed (chances are we did), did we bring enough snacks, did we bring enough diapers, toys, wipes, yada yada. Pressure is on!

I've already noticed there are several different kinds of moms. There's the "I just came from the salon" mom. The grubby, run-ragged, "I never shower" mom. The "my child must match what I'm wearing" mom. The "here, eat anything" mom, the "not unless it's organic and there's no sugar" mom.

I've found I am definitely a mom who needs time at the salon but is having too much fun getting grubby.

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