Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Denver: Home Sweet Home

So the sellers caved and gave us the money to repair the roof. Hubs thinks they were afraid we'd walk away. I think it's karma.

We close Friday at noon.

Tonight we pick up my car. Yes, it's a Volvo. I'm all about safety these days. Having a car will free us from the four block radius we've been walking every day. Now we can go to the zoo. To playgrounds. To parks.

And maybe even meet people.

I must say, I really dislike having to find new friends every time we relocate to a new city. It feels like dating. Except it's harder. Not only do I have to like the woman and agree, on some level, with her parenting style. But Hubs also has to like, or at least be able tolerate, her husband.

And then, of course, they have to like us.

But that's the easy part, right?

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