Thursday, July 19, 2007

Small Wonder

Chase continues to surprise and delight us.

She is running now. At full speed.
Everywhere she goes, she needs to get there fast.
I wonder where she got this from (Hubs!)?

She is also growing out of her shoes at lightening speed.

She can't seem to consume enough yogurt in the day. So I have started loading it up with supplements. Sometimes almond butter. Sometimes a lemon-tasting cod liver oil. Sometimes blue green algae. Sometimes wheat germ or brewers yeast. At this point I could put anything in it, and she would eat it right up.

We've also moved her up to level 4 at Gymboree, so she's playing with the "big kids" now - four times a week. It's amazing to watch her learning from them.

I, meanwhile, am starting to have dreams about Jimbo the Clown - and he's scary!

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