Monday, July 30, 2007

Silence Falls

So this will be my last entry, at least until we get "settled" in Denver. I head out to Portland on Thursday morning. Yet another 20-something hour flight with Chase - alone. Thankfully, I will be flying business class. So I guess that's good news for me; bad news for all those people who paid extra money to sit up front to get away from toddlers.

I have been running around like mad; picking up silk, ribbons, having pictures framed, packing boxes for short-term, packing boxes for long-term. Packing duffle bags for the next week. Spending a little time each night on, just to see what's new on the Denver market.

Chase has been great. Un-phased by the fact that things are slowly but surely getting put into boxes and getting stacked in our guestroom. She has been a little manic about making sure all of her most important things (3 massive language books, bunny, lola, molly, baba and bear) are all close to her at all times - perhaps in fear they will disappear into one of the boxes when she is not looking.

Chase has also done a lot of spinning - twirling - lately. She loves it. She can entertain herself by twirling for at least 10 minutes.

Flora has been teaching me real Chinese cooking, which is so great. Even though I'm a little tired of Chinese food, I will miss being able to eat real Chinese food when I want it - but now that I know some recipes, I'll be able to whip some up - using organic vegetables and free-range meat!

I am actually quite sad to be leaving. We hope to return after things get cleaned-up a bit here, which should happen in the next 5-10 years, as China is starting to realize just how important it is to clean up their act. They even hired a PR firm recently to do just that (or at least clean up their reputation).

Now there's a wild account. I can just imagine picking up the phone to call a journalist, "Hi, I'm calling on behalf of China."

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