Friday, July 27, 2007

Food Allergies And Eating Food In General

I heard on National Public Radio that food allergies are at an all time high - and strangely enough - the allergies are to foods that are quite common within each culture's cuisine. For example, North Americans are getting more and more allergies to eggs and milk, while in the middle east they are seeing more allergies to chickpeas, etc. Very interesting. They recommend broadening what you consume when possible.

The story made me think about the Chinese diet. And why, despite the fact we are eating cooked vegetables and tofu, we are still gaining weight. And then I realized that it's probably the fact that I've only had three salads in the past nine months (thanks to the "consume no raw food" unspoken law here) - and yes, it doesn't help our metabolism is slowing, we are not actually working out hard 5x per week, yada yada. But after taking cooking classes from Flora, I realized that it isn't helping that everything has SO much oil in it. I mean tons of oil. And eggs.

And have I mentioned the Chinese cook with peanut oil all-the-time. Which brings be right back to allergies. I have actually been giving Chase almond butter because I didn't want to give her peanuts until we were back in the US - "just in case." And now I find out she's been eating peanut oil all along - so no peanut allergies here (good thing, because I CRAVED PB&J the entire time I was pregnant).

Anyway, I just thought it was interesting that the Chinese don't worry about peanut allergies. They don't worry about feeding seafood to small children either. I don't think they worry about much of anything, to be honest.

Must be nice.

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