Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dearest Daughter: 16 Months

Dear Chase,

You would not believe how much happiness you bring to your father, myself - not to mention everyone you meet. You're like magic. You actually sparkle. People can't help themselves when they are near you. They love your smile, your eyes, your fearlessness, your adventurous spirit, how happy you are, how sweet you are, how clever you are and your sense of humor.

I can only hope that as you travel through life that you retain these qualities. That you approach all challenges in life as you have in the past 16-months. Nothing phases you. If you fall, you stand up, brush yourself off, and continue what you were doing. You are already proving to be so resiliant.

You travel as if you were born to see the world. And while we are scaling down on our trips, you have already been to four cities in China, Thailand and Singapore in the last 8 months.

Your father and I just celebrated 12 years of knowing each other (8.5 years of marriage) - and of the things we've seen and done, we are most in awe and the proudest of you, my dear.

We love you so.

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