Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Chinese Boudoir

People often ask me what I do with my days...

Well, today I had Chinese boudoir photos taken.

It took at least an hour and a half for the make-up artist to apply my make-up (aka, cover my face in skin-colored spackle, fill every pore, and then add fake eyelashes and blue eye shadow). For my hair, they used product that made my hair into a helmet (think Clark Kent), and then added four huge flowers, extensions, and various decorative doowaps.

When my hair and make-up was finished, I put on a gorgeous blue silk robe - the kind you see hanging on someone's wall.

I looked in the mirror - and couldn't believe the transformation. The bags under my eyes were gone. I did not have crumbs or spots on me anywhere. I had been transformed. It made me seriously consider spending an hour and a half doing my hair and make-up everyday.

From there, I was handed over to the photographer, a young Chinese guy, who instructed me to pose in various ways, using some lovely Chinese antiques for props. So I posed with a lute. At a desk. In front of a "balcony." At a window. At one point they handed me a Chinese paper and instructed me to appear to be reading it.

It was hilarious; I hope to be able to post a couple pictures soon.

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Baby Galvin said...

Sounds fantastic! Cannot wait to see the pics:)