Monday, April 23, 2007

Patrick Anderson

Our good friend, Patrick Anderson, paid us a visit over the weekend. We had a great time, but now I can't seem to find the camera. Meanwhile, Patrick left his camera here. Sounds like bad camera karma to me.

The funny thing is, we can never seem to take pictures of the Anderson-Sunilas when we are with them - and finally I have pictures of Patrick - and boom - the camera goes missing. Strange.

We had a lovely time. After pancakes on Saturday morning, we took Patrick to the boardwalk. Hubs rode a Segway. From there, Hubs and Patrick (aka Scandal Anderson) hit the road to enjoy a real bonding/team building experience at the hot springs. After they returned, we went to Labor Park (none of the amusement rides were open) - and then out to dinner (Chinese food).

Sunday morning, I woke Patrick up and took him first to one cafe to pick up cinnamon rolls and then to our local coffee joint (one of the few places in town where one can find good coffee).

From there, we headed to Walmart (where he saw pig face, feet, chicken feet and other items in the prepared food section). Then it was back to our place, where we ate breakie before heading out to one of the many parks to see locals practicing Tai Chi, Kung Fu, singing, and playing the erhu. After we had worked up an appetite, we headed to the Shangri-La for some lovely Dim Sum.

Next up - a huge underground shopping plaza, followed by Russian street. As it was late afternoon, we decided to take a quick drive down Binhai Road (the Chinese Riviera). And then it was back to the apartment, in time for Patrick to iron-dry his clothes and pack for his flight the next morning.

We had a crock pot special for dinner. As mentioned in prior posts, it is impossible to find ingredients for most of my recipes, so I have resorted to crock pot cooking. Not great but it gets the job done (most times).

And now he's gone back to England and we really miss him!

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