Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Makeover Mama: Phase 2

Now that I have made a commitment to re-introduce exercise to my daily routine, I feel so much better. Actually making time for excercize is another story entirely.

So what's next for Makeover Mama? Well, I spent an hour yesterday getting the most intense foot massage ever. I never knew I could have a knot in my big toe. I actually got really sick in the afternoon.

Not sure if it was the foot massage or dodgy shrimp dumplings. All I know is I felt really dizzy, my body ached all over, I felt so weak I couldn't pick up Chase and my feet were so hot they felt like they were on fire. The last symptom makes me think my illness was as a result of the foot massage - as hot feet are usually not a symptom of food poisoning.

I went to bed early last night. I feel much better now, but my lower back is still a bit tender. Strange, because one of the pressure points that hurt the most while it was being massaged was linked to the sciatic nerve.

I'd like to believe that the massage has made me better in some way. Like the release of toxins was a good thing. But I don't feel better. Maybe next time I'll just ask for a standard massage.

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