Thursday, April 26, 2007

Eau De Sewage

The one down side of living where we live - in the specific apartment we selected - is the scent (some times it is stronger than others) of raw sewage. It seems to come up through the bathroom drain pipes - odd, because we live on the 6th floor. Maybe if we lived on a higher floor, it would not stink as much.

We've already plugged the main drain (despite Hub's concern that the gas will collect and eventually explode) - but it seems to be working itself into the room through the shower, bath and sink drain now.

So I complained to Flora (my Aiyi's new English name). I told her I wanted the building management to fix this problem. She sat down with a pen and paper and drew a map of Dalian, explaining that when the wind comes from the South (when it comes in from the Yellow Sea), it smells bad and when the wind blows North, it smells nice.

Apparently the wind is the problem - not exactly something the building management can solve.

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