Saturday, March 17, 2007

Shanghai Birthday

I had this elaborate plan. I was going to spend tonight blowing up balloons and wrapping gifts. I was going to fill Chase's room with balloons and presents tonight while she slept.

But instead, we spent this evening packing for another trip. We have an opportunity to see Shanghai, so why not?

So now my elaborate plan is not so elaborate. She'll get to open a couple presents tomorrow around 5 a.m. before we hit the road. I'll just have to find a cake in Shanghai. And while she doesn't know it, I've packed our suitcase with balloons so we can fill our hotel room (won't housekeeping enjoy that!).

We will return to Dalian on Tuesday night.

And even more good times and suprises are ahead for Chase -- Grandma Aiya arrives Thursday!


Lockett said...

Happy Birthday Chaseybaby! Your first birthday present from Auntie Lockett will be late, but I promise not to do that when you are old enough to know it's late!

Sarah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chase! Hope you enjoy your big day. We can't wait to see you as a (gasp) one year old.
Sarah, Zack & Beatrice