Friday, January 19, 2007

Another Week

Another week has flown by. Internet connectivity is horrible, due to a cable that was damaged thanks to the earthquake in Taiwan in late December. They say it should be fixed by the end of the month, but reports indicate the damage is extensive and there are too few people available to work on it. So until it is fixed, I can't download photos, and I find myself often reading gmail in html - good times.

I must say quickly that we have absolutely loved receiving Christmas cards from friends. Thank you!

So what's new? Not much. I adore my helper, You Pung. I don't know how I ever got along without her. The house is always sparkling clean. You could eat off the floors, which is good as Chase is crawling around all over the place.

Mostly spent this past week unpacking, getting our stuff sorted. Trying to find those missing pieces (like Brian's knee braces). Chase is really talking up a storm, saying both Mama and Dada. It's awesome.

I started language lessons (6 hours per week), and Chase has her own instructor(3 hours per week). We are also learning baby sign. This week the words are turtle, bird, dog, cat, and fish. She is also quite the eater. She loves mango, kiwi, and papaya. I have also been feeding her grains from Switzerland, and the local pediatrician recommended some Vit A & D drops. Plus, I'm still slipping her fish oil occasionally, along with brewers yeast and wheat germ. She's looking really good.

Brian's office is having a grand opening soon, so he has been staying at work until quite late. I'll be glad to have him back to myself after the opening.

I promise to take more pictures and post them when I can.

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