Monday, August 07, 2006

Future Pen Pals?

Addy Hall (London, England)
*Made possible by John and Allison Hall
*Special thanks to Addy for the donation of her stylish newborn - six month wardrobe

Damien and Sophia Berry (Boston, MA)
*Made possible by Jeff and Gabriella Berry

Mitchell and Calvin Carswell (Boston, MA)
*Made possible by Allison and Craig Carswell

Jack and Olivia Donahue (Boston, MA)
*Made possible by Victoria and Jeffery Donahue

Callia Ward (London, England)
*Made possible by Isaac and Elaina Ward

Bianca and Alexa Daly (Boston, MA)
*Made possible by Albert and Nayla Daly
**Bianca was born just hours before Chase!

Colby Carstons (London, England)
*Made possible by Anne-Marie and John Carstons

Charlie Howell (Portland, Oregon)
*Made possible by Sarah and Andrew Howell

Maura and Carter Alfrey (Portland, Oregon)
*Made possible by Whitney and Matt Alfrey

Felix Bond-Roberts (London, England)
*Made possible by Emma Bond and Emerson Roberts

And more to come ....

> Sarah and Zack Jarvis (30 November 2006)
> Chrisanne and Jason Gayl (31 December 2006)
> Jenny and Charles Turner (31 December 2006)
> Lynn Lawrence Brown (January 2007)

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