Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Price Is Right ... Wrong!

In an effort to provide those who are curious an idea of how expensive it is to live here, I have decided to keep a list of the most outrageous prices I come across. I will update it as I find new and exciting *expensive* things.

>>Elle Magazine *American/English* -- 15 CHF

>>Hamburger *At the Hyatt, because it is one of only a few buildings with AC* -- 38 CHF

>>Avacado -- 4 CHF

>>Endcleaning *Because you couldn't possibly clean as well yourself* -- 850 to 1,000 CHF

>>Baby toy *Bag with different pieces of cloth, a memory game* -- 50 CHF

>> A 3-bed house in Zurich -- if you are lucky, it will cost just under 2 million CHF

>>Green chicken curry -- 25 CHF

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Love Zubiller said...

Yikes! That's pricey!!!!