Saturday, December 30, 2006

Anniversary Dinner

I talked my mom into babysitting so that hubs and I could go out on our *second* date - and celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. We selected an oyster bar we had heard was "excellent," slated to be written up in Bon Appetit's April issue as one of the best restaurants in the country.

In good spirits we decided to start with oysters. Pacific Northwest oysters are sweeter and briney-er than other oysters in the country. Only downside: they are smaller. They were FABULOUS. So we decided to order the chef's specialty, basically whatever the chef felt like throwing together - the best of the best is how it was phrased - but I have to say I can't recall the last time I was so dissapointed in a meal.

Following is what we were served.

First course - three slices of beet with two pieces of frisee lettuce and a dab of goat cheese (I'm allergic to beets)

Second course - four little gnocchi with a poached egg and holandaise sause (good but too small a serving)

Third course - one crostini with marrow-infused bread with steak tar tar on top (after a root canal, I just couldn't make myself consume bone marrow)

Fourth course - Cow gland (it looked like cauliflour and was sort of rubbery so I only took a small bite) on pickled cabbage

Fifth course - Scallops in a chicken liver sauce (UGH!)

We decided to finish our meal with a bang and ordered the banana split - which was great - except one of the scoops was coffee ice cream (which was great but coffee late at night does not agree with me).

On a positive note, we were seated next to a great couple, who we ended up meeting out for drinks afterward. We then hurried home to find Chase fast asleep.

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