Thursday, November 16, 2006

Let's Get Physical ...

We spent yesterday morning at Singapore General Hospital, where we were poked and prodded for two hours (apparently, potential employees have to take the same health screen before they are hired). We had a chest xray (to look for heart, chest and lung abnormalities). We were hooked up to computers (to monitor our heart). We didn't have to do any cardio tests (thank goodness as I would have failed miserably). We had blood taken, which I always hate because the nurse can never seem to "find the vein." They always giggle about it, "don't worry," they repeat over and over. But I do worry. The inside of my arm is now black and blue. Brian's arm is also black and blue, but for another reason. The Band-Aid.

There must be a different kind of adhesive used on Band-Aids here, something with extra stickiness, designed to withstand the high humidity. The Band-Aids literally fused with our skin. Brian still has welts and tenderness - he pulled his off last night.

Famished (because we were supposed to arrive for our physical with an empty stomach), we decided to hit the hospital cafeteria. I wasn't sure about this, as I still have nightmares about the food NHS tried to serve me while I was in the hospital. But the food at Singapore General was actually pretty good! I wouldn't take a first date there, but .... there were noodles (thin and wide), fish (some made into cakes, some fried, some in a light soy sauce), chicken (with breading and without), rice (fried, plain, with veggies) - YUM.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, although I did see President Bush's motorcade. It drove right past our apartment. Pretty cool, actually. It made me feel like singing the National Anthem. I didn't actually sing it, but for a moment I must admit, I wanted to.

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