Friday, November 24, 2006

Learning A Little More About Chase

Yesterday afternoon, Chase and I went over to visit her new friend, Erin.

Erin was kind enough to share her toys, many of which had flashing lights, made noises and had the ability to play songs.

Watching Chase with Erin provided me with insight into Chase's character. As I'm with her all the time and have no one to compare her to, I found watching these two kiddos interact with each other to be fascinating.

Erin, it turns out, is much more of a go-go girl than Chase - she has to be upright and moving at all times. While Erin can't crawl or walk yet, she had great control when it came to pulling up, and used everything she could to support herself in her quest to conquer the living room.

Chase, on the other hand, was content sitting, spending time on her belly or standing, but she didn't have the same level of desire to be everywhere at one time. (Maybe it's because she has already been so many places? Or maybe because she's spent so much time in my lap or in my arms?)

Chase strikes me as a thinker, a flirt, and communicator (she obviously got the flirt and communicator part from me and the thinking part from hubs). Everywhere we go she has to interact with someone new (it doesn't help that people are constantly cooing over her - they are only fueling the fire). She was outright flirting with an older guy earlier in the day and I could tell his girlfriend was a little jealous she wasn't getting the same kind of attention. When he looked away, she would grunt loudly (think Incredible Hulk when he splits his clothes), until he looked and smiled at her again.

At Erin's, she thought about each new toy and would, at times, crack herself up. She was also content just looking at the new books. She did get very excited when she realized Erin had a tambourine, too. She shook it with all her might (she was so focused she was actually holding her breath).

It will be so interesting when she starts to talk ...

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